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Representation Matters


The Struggle of a Single Millennial

By Serita Braxton

 As August swiped her way to nothing but getting ghosting, meaningless sex, and feelings of emptiness. Finding love proved to be nothing like it was in the movies. In order to distract a fellow scorned single, she tells the tale of how she started out addicted to finding "the one" and ended up searching for a way to recover from dating as a millennial.

What Readers are Saying

Wonderfully written. I identified with August, since I too am a bit of a hopeless romantic. I couldn’t put it down!


As a rom-com, Sex and the City, reality tv dating show lover this book is pure gold. It is a very entertaining and funnily written page-turner.


It was so easy to read, really flowy, and super interesting to keep reading. I love the stories August told and even though they were not always relatable, I felt like I understood them and her. Plus the finale was just too good: her words are encouraging.