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About the Author

Serita Braxton is an author, copywriter, and blogger. After graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in Criminology, she labored over her journal turned memoir, More Than Crumbs. The writing process inspired her to switch careers, which led her to a diverse city that welcomes and supports creatives just getting their start: Berlin, Germany.

Her career progressed from working as a journalist at Berlin's major English language periodical, Exberliner magazine, to crafting marketing copy for digital agencies and startups. She has also written for the online magazines Freunde von Freundin and Trefftpunkt Europa. Navigating the new city, bureaucracy, and language led her to start her own blog, the female-focused Berlin guide for expats, Her experiences there also inspired her second book, the anti romcom Recovering Loveaholic.

Serita is a passionate storyteller who aims to make information easily accessible and give a voice to current events through blog writing, research, social media, and editing.

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